Heart.: 02/01/17

February 2, 2017


Today is the commencement of my first ever food diary in over ten years. The last time I had one of these was back when I was in my early teens, around 13 years old or so. I'm 23 now so it is amazing how time passes. However, I used to do things in a very harmful way and restricted myself to 500 calories or so daily which is unfathomable to me now. I no longer want to count calories as strict as I did but rather focus on healthier eating. It's late in the evening now so I'm going to keep my post short as of today and will think of something more descriptive to say next time!

-Iced coffee with half and half, no sugar
-3 homemade meatballs by me. All natural ingredients. 
-Homemade avgolemono egg based soup, no rice. Mostly carrots, chicken, onions, and spinach. 

I didn't get to eat much today. We had a pretty late start on our day today. I didn't get home until 6pm in the evening so that was my first meal.